40 Nostalgic Things Only 90’s Kids Will Understand

Many things happened in the '90s that its kind of impossible to sum it all up. The internet went mainstream, grunge and pop dominated music charts. That's just a tiny fraction of what went down. Even if you lived through it, it's easy to forget all of the things that made the '90s truly unique.

Tamagotchi & Lip Smacker lip gloss

As a ’90s kid, there are times when I feel nostalgic about my childhood era. I sometimes find myself fondly talking and reminiscing about the past, which makes me sound more like my parents when they brag about how things were better back then. To be honest, I do believe things were better back in the ’90s. Those were the days to live in and anyone who disagrees simply wasn’t around back then.

I feel some things are way too easier now, don’t you think so?

Counting days and waiting all day in front of the TV for my favorite program is how I spent my childhood. What about you? Before the internet and computerized software took over our lives, before smartphones offered everything we need and more at our fingertips, things were pretty simple and straightforward.

Let’s travel back in time to the ’90s where enormous, bulky TVs were the only high-tech equipment you had around you and you spent most of the evenings outside, playing with friends not glued to a small screen pretending as if it is the most important thing in your life.

1. Legends said that the blue part could erase ink.

Old blue and red eraser

2. Kids today will never understand the struggle of having to hit the same button thrice just to get one letter.

old mobile phone
Buzzkilla / imgur

3. Pencils with cartridges: If you lose one of these, you`re screwed.

cartridge type pencil
© Lexjiggler / reddit

4. It was a thing to write your a’s and y’s like that!

song CD
© ColligateMD / reddit

5. Everyone wanted to take the ball out of the mouse

Mouse with ball
© keluvsorangesoda / imgur

6. This brings up such a warm feeling of nostalgia!

TV on a stand
© youandmeandrainbows / imgur

7. In the ’90s Trix had shapes!

Trix shapes
© Clipper94 / reddit

8. This is how we used to pick tracks to listen on the ride.

selecting song cds from albums
© nagyabulad / reddit

9. I kept all of my Lip Smacker lip gloss flavors in a plastic caboodle and whipped that box out like a pro to reapply after every lunch period.

Lip Smacker
© lattesbitches / reddit

10. Back in the day, drinking glasses were super cool !

printed drinking glasses
© rba22 / reddit

11. Solitaire card game in Windows 95

Solitaire card back in Windows 95
© darkoffice / reddit

12. Making friendship bracelets

colorful friendship bracelets
younglionsxo / tumblr

13. These McDonalds Potato Heads took me back to my childhood

McDonalds Potato Heads
© bethanykatrina / reddit

14. The most ’90s thing ever

Microsoft Windows 95 video guide
© TheDirtyPenguin / reddit

15. Cobain hair, check. Band shirt, check. Velvet shirt, check. Pepsi in hand, check.

Teenages from 90s Cobain hair, Band shirt, Velvet shirt
© sirgrotius / reddit

16. We knew the meaning of the word “treasure.”

Multi color all in one pens

17. You also knew what willpower was. Finishing all the rings was a huge accomplishment.

© UnconsciousOne / reddit

18. Platforms were in style.

Tall platform flip flops
© Ceddie2000/wikipedia

19. Windbreakers! I remember scanning JC Penny catalogs for these things.

Windbreakers in JC Penny Catalogs
© rba22 / reddit

20. This is what swag looked like in the ’90s

Old Toy Telephones
© SupremoZanne / reddit

21. We were all quite crafty – or we thought we were

Lizard Bead craft
© Yo_Its_Matt / reddit

22. When your mom caught you playing Super Mario:

© zehnen/reddit

23. People look at me like I’m crazy when I ask about these.

© kathleenkellig / reddit

24. A pair of these bad boys will take you to the end of the world

Colorful Roller skates
© rba22 / reddit

25. Remember these lighting up your ceiling?

Glow In The Dark Stars
© sweetbutpsycho- / reddit

26. Playing this in Sears, while my parents shopped

nintendo 64 gaming console at a super market
© ADKAdventurer / reddit

27. Bashing ankles on a Skip-It

bashing ankles on a Skip-It
© chazesiwile / reddit© YookaLaylee87 / reddit

28. The fidget spinner of my childhood – Felt like having an acrobat in the car

fidget spinner
© hunter4461 / imgur

29. You didn’t have to enter your personal info online to win a soda

winning something on soda cap
© VitruvianHooligan / reddit

30. Sticking these to your earlobes was the latest fashion

stars stickers for earlobes
© Cvrm3la / reddit

31. A Tamagotchi could replace a pet

Tamagotchi pet
© DoodooPancake / reddit

32. If you were born after the ’90s, you probably won’t understand the struggle to close the error report windows.

Error report windows
© Unknown / imgur

33. Bubble Beeper: the cool way to store your gum in the ’90s

Bubble Beeper
© rba22 / reddit

34. When you were the first to get a computer: You were the popular kid

when you were the first to get a computer
© totheark1/reddit

35. When you were promised a Sega for Christmas but you got this:

Mini TV Game Console With 2 Controllers
© Nzeemin/wikipedia

36. A 3D image looked like this and you have to look at it for a while to understand what it is

A 3D image looked like
© spottedsalamander/imgur

37. You watched “Dirty Dancing” and decided to take up dance classes.

Take up dance classes after watching Dirty Dancing
© bailsters/reddit

38. You needed only 15 minutes to become an excellent graphic designer.

Word Art Graphic Designer

39. And a photographer as well.

An old camera used for photography
© Andshel/wikimedia

40. You were afraid to drop a cell phone on your foot.

old school cell phone
© SegFault/flickr

Did I miss anything that reminded you of your childhood? Don’t forget to share your favorite 90s’ things in the comment section below. Let’s see which is the most common out of the above 40.
I bet these images brought back some cherished memories back from your childhood.